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The Austin Focus’ Director of Operations detailed a recent conference in Dallas and the team members who made the trip. She also shared a few of her best tips for making the most of big industry events.

AUSTIN, TX , January 26, 2018 ( – ​Travel opportunities present remarkable learning potential, and The Austin Focus leaders take full advantage of this fact. “We send our promotional specialists on all kinds of rewarding business trips,” said Kati, the firm’s Director of Operations. “In January, a large contingent from our firm attended a leadership and skills conference in Dallas. They returned to the office with renewed motivation and lots of new connections.”

The Director chose Sammi, Edward, Meg, Kaitlin, and Samuel to accompany her to the conference. She explained, “Sammi and Samuel both took advantage of the networking opportunities the event offered. They’re both committed to growing and stretching outside their comfort zones, so venturing to Dallas was an ideal chance for them to gain valuable insights.”

Meg and Kaitlin have become go-to team members for Kati. The Director remarked, “These two bring great student mentalities to their work. They also show remarkable adaptability. Meg in particular is adept at applying feedback, so I’m sure she’ll take what she learned in Dallas and inspire everyone around The Austin Focus office.”

Travel opportunities present remarkable learning potential, and The Austin Focus leaders take full advantage of this fact.

The conference was also an ideal chance for Edward to accelerate his professional development. Kati stated, “Edward came to us from Utah and brings a positive attitude to every new challenge. He’s always asking for feedback on how he can get even better, which made him a top candidate to attend the conference.”

The Austin Focus’ Director of Operations Shares Advice for Getting Maximum Value From a Conference

It takes careful planning to get the most out of a large industry gathering such as the Dallas conference. Kati commented, “The first step is to take a close look at the event schedule. There are so many worthwhile sessions and speakers at a national leadership conference that it can be easy to miss one that’s ideally suited to your career. I always remind anyone who represents The Austin Focus at a big event to study the itinerary and make notes before things get going.”

The same principle applies to networking at a conference. Doing some homework in the days and weeks leading up to an event makes it easier to connect with accomplished people. “There are several ways to do this,” the Director noted. “Social media pages related to conferences are often the best bets. Our team members use them to find out who will be attending, and then they head over to LinkedIn to identify common ground. With some icebreakers already in mind, it’s much easier to forge meaningful connections.”

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